A Great Place to Start…

Whether you are starting out, returning to riding or just looking for a supportive place to help realise your goals …
Tess & Leo is a great place to start…

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Join us into a community of like minded passionate, determined, and supportive horse-people. Whether you’re here for an hour lesson or for a week long clinic, we are here to help you with your horse needs.


Click on Clinics to find one for you. Private lessons are also available.


"When you ask your horse to do something, it should be his idea"

Ray Hunt



Clinics & Private Lessons


Private Lessons

Private lessons are available for beginners or riders wanting to gain more confidence. You can bring your own horse or use one of ours. All lessons are conducted in a safe 30m x 60 sand arena.

We offer clinics for every level, each class is capped at 8 people so everyone can get the individual attention they need. Private lessons are also available.


Pony Club for Cowkids

Pony Club for Cowkids is an alternative to traditional pony club.  We offer structured lessons in basic groundwork, riding and most importantly safety. 


This is an introduction to horsemanship skills for  kids aged between 8 -12. Here they will get to know their horse better in a fun useful way. 


Pony Club for Cowkids 2

Pony Club for Cowkids 2 is for kids that have advanced from Cowkids.  Here we introduce more advancing lessons to become a better leader for your horse.


This clinic is for the Cowkids that are stepping up and wanting to improve their horsemanship skills. They will gain a better understanding of feel and timing, creating a better relationship with your horse.  


Parent Pony Preschool

This course covers:

  • What to feed

  • What plans do you have for your pony

  • General Care

  • Grooming

  • Tack /Gear

We also have advanced training which includes more hands on ground work with your pony and float towing.

We offer realistic down to earth advise on owning a horse with hands on demonstrations with our lovely horses or you can bring your own.

All participants receive a take home information pack which includes stock list of where to buy.




Me Time

Balance, Feel, Timing, Confidence & Fun

Life is busy and sometimes you feel like you are running around after everyone else. Sometimes you just need some Me Time!

This is a clinic where you can get together with like minded riders wanting to learn more about getting in touch with your horse and yourself. The session includes groundwork, riding and working on enhancing your skills. We break for morning tea and a chat then back in the saddle for some fun and games

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